Music_SymbolSomeone the other day remarked that our last post was May 20th and wondered if we’d quit either going to music events or taking pictures.

Well, we’d like to set the record straight.  The answer to both is a resounding, “NO!”  But, we don’t always have the time necessary to edit the pictures and update the website.  Wish we did, but something about work and real life keep getting in the way.

So, here’s the story.  We’ve collected pictures from more adventures.  Even might be a video or so in there.  Those will all get posted…..promise!!  When they are, they will be posted with the date of the show even if it takes a year to get them all done!   🙂

In the meantime, check out pictures from the shows we have posted or……sometimes even more fun….click on the “TexasAndMusic Archives” link in the right hand menu.  Yeah…they’re “old” shows, but a lot of memories, too.

Another thing we’d like to do is notify interested people via email when there is an update.  We used to do that, but our mailing list is woefully out of date.  If you’d like to receive notices, just leave a comment below (see the “Leave a Comment” link?).  Don’t put your email address in the comment, we can grab it from the admin panel.  Or, just drop an email to Carole @ TexasAndMusic.com if you’d prefer.

2 thoughts on “Updates?”

  1. Hi Carole…….It was Roz’s internet service. She has “Wild Blue” DISH and it is VERY SLOW and unable to access a lot of websites…..etc……Good pics and love the comments!……….Dave


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