Durawa w/ John Arthur Martinez @ El Mercado (01/23/2018)

We love it when the band is obviously having fun entertaining us from the stage.  Tonight, it seemed they were having so much fun with each other, I’m not sure an audience was even necessary.  We always say the music was “magic”…..tonight it was.  Six musicians….that are the top of their profession when it comes to talent…..recognizing and enjoying that same talent in each other.

Ernie Durawa, Will Knaak, and Chris Alcaraz kicked it off.  Chris is recovering from cold/allergies and restricted his singing to harmonies and whistling but, that bass playing was awesome.  Will sang a song he wrote with his dad, George, that was inspired by everyone’s favorite hangout, Giddy Ups and it’s owner, Nancy.  The guys ended their portion of the show with some Bass Yoga.  Can’t explain it…you’ll just have to look at the pictures.  😊

Then, John Arthur Martinez took the stage and brought the house down.  John always amazes us and tonight was no different.  He also brought along Rojas El Guitarrista (also known as Caleb 😊) to play the Spanish guitar.  I won’t say Rojas and Will were having fun but we sure saw a lot of smiles, nods, and fist bumps.  He also called on Luis to play a little percussion with them.  He and Ernie were amazing together.

Rojas actually did a Facebook live of their performance that you can watch at  Rojas El Guitarrista Facebook videos!

Hopefully, the pictures show some more of the fun.  Although, I do apologize for Rojas looking like a ghost.  It’s just a trick of the lighting…..honest!

The Durawa Show @ El Mercado (10/24/17)

What an evening of music!!  Ernie Durawa holds forth every Tuesday in El Mercado’s Backstage.  He always has awesome guests so that was no surprise tonight when he, Will Knaak, and Chris Alcaraz, welcomed our friends Lost John Casner and Howard Kalish to join them.  It was a Country & Western night complete with an open dance floor.  But, just how good was the music?  Well, when was the last time you heard Orange Blossom Special morph into Wipe Out then into another song we recognized but don’t know the name of, and then, back into Orange Blossom Special…..with out a single missed note or beat?  Yeah….that’s how good it was!  And, that was only ONE song!!!  🙂

Now, the lighting at The Backstage is a sight to see all by itself.  But, when you aren’t a professional photographer, it can lend some problems of it’s own.  So, out of 93 photos, we got 50 that are usable (notice we didn’t say “great”, or even “good”).  But, it was a fun experiment with the camera settings and some photo editing when we got home.  🙂

Ernie Durawa & Kevin Russell @ El Mercado (08/01/2017)

Ernie Durawa‘s Tuesdays at the El Mercado Backstage is always a lesson in great music.  Tonight, his band consisted of guitar virtuoso, Will Knaack, and bass virtuoso, Chris Alcaraz.  His guest was none other than Kevin Russell of Shineyribs and The Gourds fame.  What a treat!!