Giddy Ups’ Spring Fling 2011 (03/17/2011)

Day 2 of the Spring Fling was honky-tonk all day long!  We love all music, but have to admit today’s program was our favorite…..well… of the favorites.  🙂  It was also a perfect example of “there’s only one band in Austin”.  There were players that would finish a set with one singer and get on stage with the next.  A couple of them played with 5 bands including fronting their own. It was fun, too, when some of our favorites got on stage to help out with harmony on a song.  All in all……a perfect evening for a music lover!

(The bands we saw were:  Jim Ray Wylie, Ted Roddy & The Hit Kickers, Jim Stringer & The AM Band, Li’l Mo & The Monicats, Arty Hill & The Pearl Dusters, Teri Joyce & The Tagalongs, Roger Wallace)


Dead Sweethearts Ball @ Ruta Maya (02/12/2011)

Every year Valentines Day is set aside for lovers, except for one event…..the Dead Sweethearts Ball.  The night is filled with murder and mayhem immortalized by some of the best musicians in town.  The lovely Ms K keeps track of how many offed(?) as the crowd hoots and hollers at each killing.  This year, the red hue of Ruta Maya added a special atmosphere to the festivities.

You never know in advance just who all will be taking to the stage but, the core band consists of Teri Joyce, Roger Wallace, Jim Stringer, T Jarrod Bonta, Lisa Pankratz, and Brad Fordham.  “Guests” this year included Ted Roddy, Jen Miori, The Carper Family, Suzanne Van Tassel, Brennan Leigh, Noel McKay, Ruby Dee, and……well, we’re sure we’re forgetting someone.  😦

After the pictures, be sure to check out the video of Roger Wallace’s version of “Delilah” at the end.  Looks like Roger was actually grinning… evil evil grin!  🙂

Ted Roddy @ Giddy Ups (01/22/2011)

We’d seen Ted get on stage several times with some of other bands, but never seen his full show.  So, when we found out he and The Hit Kickers were going to be at Giddy Ups, we decided we needed to be there, too.  These guys…..and gal…..put on a heck of show that kept us dancing and singing all night.  Looking forward to seeing them again!