Scott Wayne, Fond Kiser, Watts Brothers, & Sam Bentley (06/24/2011)

We’re not sure how to describe this night…..or how much fun we had.  It started Tuesday when the phone rang and it was our friend Scott Wayne.  He was in town for the week and Nancy had talked him into doing a repeat of his “famous” Friday night happy hour one-man shows.  So, that’s where it started……with Scott at Giddy Ups! 🙂

When Scott finished his happy hour show, we headed out to The Blue Bamboo where Fond Kiser, was doing his “One Man, One Guitar” show.  Lots of fun watching these two friends make great music.  Wish we’d had the camera ready when Fond saw us!  Priceless!!

After Fond’s show, Scott stayed behind to help him load out while we headed back to Giddy Ups to check out The Watts Brothers.  When the guys made it to Giddy Ups, we all headed over to The Stardust to see Sam Bentley.  We left the camera in the car at Stardust (not a smart idea but it was still there when we came out), so all we have of that show are our cell phone pictures.  Let’s just say Sam’s band was great and it was so cool when Scott and Fond jumped to the mics for “Sweet Home Alabama”.

What a night…..what memories. 🙂

Scott Wayne @ Giddy Ups (02/26/2010)

Boy, do we ever owe Scott a great big thank you! Of course for the entertainment! But, I was playing with all the settings on the camera and he endured that flash going off 35 times before we got settings resulting in 4 pictures worth posting. Thanks, Scott! Promise we won’t use you for testing again. 🙂