Rosie & The Ramblers @ Hill’s Cafe (07/16/2011)

Ralph and Charlie had been telling us about Selena “Rosie” Rosenbalm that they were backing.  Decided we needed to check her out. 🙂  They were right, she’s dern good!  And, for a July night, the outdoor garden was really comfortable…..especially when we could sit with friends and visit, too.  Unfortunately, we were so busy visiting we didn’t get the names of the two guitar players. 😦  Will get that next time…..because, there WILL be a next time!  🙂

Stretch Dawrson @ Giddy Ups (04/15/2011)

Stretch Dawrson is from Scotland.  So cool we got to hear him at Giddy Ups, a little ol’ true honky-tonk just down the road from us.  He’s so talented and funny.  Sorry we missed his second appearance at Giddy Ups because we’re sure it was just as good a show.  Stretch’s band is call the Mending Hearts Band and his music does just that…..mends hearts.  🙂

Sunset Valley Boys @ Evangeline’s (03/05/2011)

The place to be the first Saturday of month is Evangeline’s Cafe in Austin.  First, some of the best cajun food you will find in Austin……or any where else according to a certain truck driver we know that just happens to love cajun!  🙂  Then, there are all the friends.  If you haven’t seen someone you know for a while, you’ll probably see them there and have a chance to visit.  Of course, added to all this are the Sunset Valley Boys and their friends playing and singing for our entertainment.  To quote Curtis, Evangeline’s owner, “Old Austin didn’t die, it just moved south”.  If this is what “Old Austin” used to be like, we wish we’d been here to see it.