Songwriters Across Texas Supper Club (11/02/17)

What a special night it was when Songwriters Across Texas Supper Club honored Dallas Wayne at Hill’s Cafe.  With Mike Blakely and Bo Porter treating us to their songs, it was magical.  In Dallas’ acceptance speech, he spoke about how genuine songwriters write stories about their life….what they know….what they’ve experienced.  He’s right, of course.  Mike and Bo showed us that by telling us the story behind the songs they sang. Dallas even got up and told one of his own.  🙂

One guest, Charlie Bishop, described the night best when he said, “Flawless evening. This could not have been a better show of warmth and true admiration if Hills’ had pulled back the tables and built a camp fire in the floor.”

Please try to make it out to support live music….especially the songwriters.  They’re the unsung heroes of every song we’ve ever loved.

Songwriters Across Texas Supper Club (10/05/17)

Terry Gaona is the owner/operator…..Queen….of The Little Longhorn Saloon and loves the songwriters and musicians as much as we do! So, Songwriters Across Texas Television Show honored her for all she does. Unfortunately, an emergency came up that kept her from attending but, she was in our thoughts and prayers all night! And, what a night it was!! Two of the most awesome songwriters entertained us royally. David Touchton and Ella Reid are about as different as night and day with their styles of music…..David is kinda Merle Haggard and Ella is kinda Brittany Spears. BUT, they were such a complement to each other and just had a blast on stage…..which you know translates in the best way to the audience. We’re looking forward to maybe a show…..or more…..together. 🙂


Songwriters Across Texas Supper Club (09/07/17)

Last night, Songwriters Across Texas Supper Club honored two gentlemen that have always supported the local musicians/songwriters….Joe Ables, the owner of The Saxon Pub, and Terry Boothe, founder of Texas Heritage Songwriters’ AssociationJohn Arthur Martinez was the musical guest. Glen Collins did a great job hosting. Many thanks to Marianna Marchesini and her staff for a great meal, venue, and continued support of live music. Most of all, thanks to Pitt Garrett and Tonya Benson…..another great show pulled together by you two!! 🙂