KVET Blue Santa Breakfast (12/06/2006)

Last year at the Blue Santa Breakfast, I wanted to get a picture of Bob Cole and Sammy Alred from KVET.  But, I waited til just before leaving and the battery in my camera had died.  THIS year, they were the 1st ones I asked for a picture!!  Thanks guys, for helping with Blue Santa……and for the picture!


KVET Blue Santa Breakfast (12/06/2005)

KVET Radio in Austin, TX, hosts a breakfast every Christmas as a kick-off for the Blue Santa Toy Drive.  I’d always wanted to go, but it just didn’t work out.  This year, I asked my boss if I could come in a couple of hours late and attend.  Bless his heart…..he said ‘yes’!!  🙂

Now you would think that someone that takes as many pictures as I do…..that had been looking forward to this event since it was announced….would be prepared.  Well…..you would be wrong!  Seems I’d forgotten to charge my camera battery and after just 13 pictures, the camera died!  I had to charge it before I could even upload the pictures to see what I had gotten!

I promise……next year I’ll do better!!