Songwriters Across Texas Filming (01/14/2018)

Wow!!  What a special day!  Six artists/bands filmed at The White Horse for upcoming Sunday morning TV shows.  Great staff that kept everything on schedule.  Got to meet some super people and visit with some old friends.  Best of all, got to hear some great music.  Looking through the photos, it looks like we took more pictures of some than of others.  The truth is…..we took more GOOD pictures of some than of others.  (We try to NOT post pictures that aren’t flattering.  😊)  We also didn’t get pictures of everyone’s interview……you’ll just have to watch the show for those.  😊

We didn’t take too many “crowd” pictures because we concentrated on the “shows”…..and visiting with old friends, of course!  😊  But, we did a few.

First up was the David Touchton Band.  David has always been one of our favorites and it was so much fun watching him in front of the cameras!

Songwriters Across Texas Supper Club (01/04/2018)

Every month, when Songwriters Across Texas features a couple of songwriters at a special show, the historic Hill’s Cafe really goes all out to help spotlight the entertainers and honor the special guests.

This month, the focus was on the “Young Guns”…..talented young musicians just getting a foothold in the music scene.

  • Lucas Sousa is 17 and writes songs to rival more experienced writers.  His singing and presentation reminds you a very young George Strait.
  • Lucas Johnson is 19 and has that “blues” touch to his songs and playing.  But, not only can this young man write songs and sing, he’s awesome on guitar and fiddle.

With young musicians like these coming up, we don’t have to worry about the future of our music.  😉