TxCMA Meet & Greet @ Hill’s Cafe (04/24/2005)

How many times have we told someone ‘we’ (meaning anyone that loves music) need to support our favorite musicians?  Whether it’s by attending their shows (and paying a cover) or spending the money to buy our owncopy of their CDs instead of just making a copy of one someone else bought.  It really is important.  A lot of the musicians don’t have a ‘day gig’ to pay their bills.  And, because they are ‘self-employed’ they don’t get such perks as health / dental / life insurance or 401K programs.

We heard about the The Texas Country Music Association on Wednesday night at Hills Cafe.  A ‘mixer’ and membership drive was that Sunday under the big oak trees behind the restaurant.  Sounded like fun.  But, when I got home, I decided to see just what the TxCMA was all about.  When I read the goals they’ve set and saw who was involved, I knew the time had came for us to ‘put our money where our mouths are’.

Dobie had to work, but I attended and before the afternoon was over we both joined!

I took the camera because I figured there would be some great talent on stage and I was right.  But I quickly (like before the music began) realized that this was musicians playing for musicians.  I didn’t want to spoil that.  So, all the pictures were taken from my table.  I’m just sorry that I didn’t know every musician that got on stage and didn’t get pictures of them all.  Not all of them got on stage!

It was a fun time for a good cause.

Ricky Calmbach @ Club 21 (11/20/2004)

Since 2000, Ricky has had Birthday Bash at Club 21 in Uhland, TX.   This year, there was even more to celebrate.  Ricky’s latest album A Step in the Right Direction was released three weeks earlier.  The first single, Countin’ On a Barstool had just hit 31 on the charts the previous week.

Ricky and the guys played at the Broken Spoke the night before….Ricky’s actual birthday.  A lot of ‘celebrating’ had taken place there so everyone was a little more ‘subdued’ this night.  But, the crowd made up for them.  Both Friday and Saturday were great shows, but, Ricky and the guys never do a bad one!

Ricky Calmbach @ Hill’s Cafe (10/29/2004)

Ricky’s new CD, A Step In The Right Direction, was out and it was time to celebrate.  Oh, there were a few ‘bumps in the road’.  But, things like the CDs not arriving until the day before the party and Budweiser giving Ricky a brand new banner….with his name misspelled….didn’t slow down the show at Hill’s Cafe.  Paul Eason opened the show and did a great job, but, you could tell the audience were there for Ricky!

Friends Jason Roberts and John Michael Whitby joined Ricky and the band on stage.  This was also the first time Dale Burch appeared with the band playing lead guitar.

The stars of the night, though, were Ricky and the songs.  The night was a perfect example of ‘a class act’ all the way around.