Keith Kelso @ Hills Cafe (03/12/2011)

Love being under the old oak trees on a spring night listening to good ol’ country music.  When the music is being played by a friend and his band, it’s even better. 🙂   So, to Hills Cafe we went! Keith and the band mixed country standards, “new” country, and originals into a great show.  Even did our favorite, Written In Stone, that Keith wrote and is the very first song we heard Keith sing oh so long ago.  Unfortunately, we’d forgotten just how cool a spring night could become and had not taken a jacket so we didn’t get to see the whole show.  Won’t make that mistake again! 🙂

A Celebration of Dobie’s Life @ Giddy Ups (11/07/2010)

On October 27th we lost one of the sweetest ladies we’ve ever known…..a true “Angel”. Ms Dobie Hatley loved music, musicians, friends, family and…..most of all…!!

She often told us that if something happened to her and she finished this life, she didn’t want any crying….didn’t want services or memorials…..she wanted everyone to have a party!! So…..we honored her wishes…..celebrated her life and collected funds for her favorite charity, HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians).

Really appreciate everyone that came to share their memories, the musicians for their music, and especially all the work by John Casner, Ms. Nancy, and the entire Giddy Ups staff that made the day possible.

One of the highlights of the day was Desert Moon continuing the tradition of honoring Dobie’s request to play “Storms Never Last”.  John always changed a word or two just for her.  He did the same today…..just couldn’t sing it any other way.  Yep, there were puddle-ly eyes all around, but it was as it should be…was needed.  🙂


Keith Kelso @ Austin Sports Tavern (07/02/2010)

Learned a few things on this little trip. First, get there early so you can sit in front of the band and not to the side. Second, stage lights are fantastic….cowboy hats make them not so fantastic. Third, the cesear (sp) salad was excellent….should have not had the chicken added because it detracted from the freshness of the greens. 🙂