JWW & the Prospectors @ Giddy Ups (06/25/2011)

This was our first time to see JWW & The Prospectors, but we sure plan on it not being the last.  What a fun group!  Swing & honky-tonk music served up with lots of talent and energy.  There was dancin’, swingin’, jumpin’, singin’…….and that was just onstage.  The audience was having a blast, too! Shoot, we got tired just watching them. 🙂  (Sorry we didn’t get everyone’s name….we definitely will the next time!)

Jim Stringer @ Giddy Ups (03/31/2011)

There are only so many words to describe the fun everyone has when Jim and the guys take to the stage.  So, we’ve given up trying to find new ones. 🙂  Whether it’s “Bobby Time, Bobby Time, Bobby Time” (a minimum of three songs made popular by someone named Bobby), music trivia, guests, original songs or covers, stories, or just plain good music, Jim and the guys entertain everyone, every time.  They must do it for the love of what they’re doing because they give a full out show whether they’re playing to 10 or 10,000.

Giddy Ups’ Spring Fling 2011 (03/19/2011)

Day 4!  Wish we could see every single band and artist that plays during Spring Fling.  Not sure we would survive it, but it would be wonderful!  🙂  But, we have enjoyed every one we have seen and are always amazed at the talent we’re privileged to see…..hear…..enjoy.

(The bands we saw were: Jason Arnold & the Stepsiders, Suzette Lawrence & The Neon Angels, Michael Shane Borden, George Ensley, The Texreys)