Vince Moreno @ Giddy Ups (01/09/2010)

When Gene & Herb told us they were backing a new guy in town, we knew we had to see him. After all, if players like these guys are backing him, he has to be at least a “good” singer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then, when we read an article that called him the “new sheriff in town”, well… KNOW we were gonna be there!!

We weren’t disappointed! What a show! It was a COLD night and the crowd was small…..but everyone that was there fell in love with this new guy and his band (well….we already loved the band….Vince was just a big ol’ plus!!). By the time they played Giddy Ups a week later, the word was out and the place was packed!


Sam Bentley @ Giddy Ups (12/11/2009)

What a night!! Honky-tonk the way it’s meant to be! Favorite musicians playing great listenin’ and dancin’ music…surrounded by friends…everyone in the Christmas Spirit. AND….top it off with a bunch of musician friends that stopped in and honored us with their songs. You just can’t ask for anything more to warm the heart on a chilly December night. Besides, when the band is having as much fun as they were….it’s real hard for the audience to not have fun, too!

Yes….we know the pictures show the date as February but believe us….it WAS December!! Some day we might learn how to work our camera correctly! ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย 


Sam Bentley @ Giddy Ups (10/10/2009)

We had to have pictures of this gig. ย Charlie Pitchard had been under the weather and just starting to play again. ย We had a lot of fun with the whole band and the dance floor was filled on just about every song!!