ASG Benefit @ Threadgills (04/06/2011)

The Austin Songwriters Group is made up of great song writers……singers……musicians……PEOPLE!  Every year, they celebrate Merle Haggard’s birthday by throwing a big ol’ party to help a deserving cause.  This year, that cause was to help raise money to help cover the medical expenses of one our friends, Ted Branson.  Besides being one of the favorite DJs on KOOP radio here in Austin, Ted and his lovely wife, Linda, actively support the music community in ways most of us will never know.

Linda had said she’d save us a seat, but we figured she might forget with everything else going on and sure wouldn’t have blamed her.  We should’ve known better!!  She not only remembered,  she had us in the front row, just right for getting great photos IF we were great photographers!  🙂

The list of performers was like a Who’s Who of Austin Music.  Some our old friends, some we knew, some we knew-of, some we didn’t know, and all of them great.  Then, there was everyone in the audience!  So good to visit with friends we hadn’t seen in a while.  Special thanks to Winker for finding our keys although how we lost that huge key ring is a mystery to us…..just glad he found them.  🙂  Thanks, too, to Brent for introducing us to some pretty special people… if he wasn’t special enough!!

It was a perfect Austin spring evening!!  Hugs to all that worked so hard to put on the show.  Love to Ted and Linda as we keep them in our hearts and prayers.  Apologies to anyone whose name is misspelled or lost.  🙂


Blaze Foley, Duct Tape Messiah @ The Saxon Pub (03/12/2011)

Blaze Foley was a talented, if troubled, Austin songwriter that has gained more fame since his untimely demise in 1989 than he had while he was here.  That fame is because his family and friends have worked to make sure the world hears his music.  While there are more “Blaze Stories” than a film can contain, Kevin Triplett has done a great job!  After the film, Gurf Morlix….who possibly knew Blaze best….did a set of songs from his latest CD, a collection of Blaze’s songs, Blaze Foley’s 113th Wet Dream.  The entire club was spellbound for two full hours.  So glad we caught the show before it goes on tour.