John, Ben, & Boomer Xmas Party @ Giddy Ups (12/17/2017)

John, Ben, and Boomer always play at Giddy Ups the 3rd Sunday of the month.  Always a good time with good friends.  So, since it’s getting close to Christmas, everyone decided it was a great time to have the Christmas party.  So, friends showed up.  Everyone brought food…..and we all ate…probably more than we should.  😏   Most of all, we enjoyed the music and the friendship.  Be sure to watch the video, too….you’ll enjoy it!  😉

Later, OTB Karaoke set up.  Our very own Ms. Nancy and Ms. Jen did a rousing version of Jingle Bell Rock!  Of course, YouTube found a copywrite on the song.  We can play it but don’t be surprised if an ad appears.  If one does, you can bet we aren’t the ones getting paid.  Evidently, when you have purty women singin’ a cool song, it’s gonna be noticed.  😉