Songwriters Across Texas Filming (01/14/2018)

Wow!!  What a special day!  Six artists/bands filmed at The White Horse for upcoming Sunday morning TV shows.  Great staff that kept everything on schedule.  Got to meet some super people and visit with some old friends.  Best of all, got to hear some great music.  Looking through the photos, it looks like we took more pictures of some than of others.  The truth is…..we took more GOOD pictures of some than of others.  (We try to NOT post pictures that aren’t flattering.  😊)  We also didn’t get pictures of everyone’s interview……you’ll just have to watch the show for those.  😊

We didn’t take too many “crowd” pictures because we concentrated on the “shows”…..and visiting with old friends, of course!  😊  But, we did a few.

First up was the David Touchton Band.  David has always been one of our favorites and it was so much fun watching him in front of the cameras!

Songwriters Across Texas Supper Club (10/05/17)

Terry Gaona is the owner/operator…..Queen….of The Little Longhorn Saloon and loves the songwriters and musicians as much as we do! So, Songwriters Across Texas Television Show honored her for all she does. Unfortunately, an emergency came up that kept her from attending but, she was in our thoughts and prayers all night! And, what a night it was!! Two of the most awesome songwriters entertained us royally. David Touchton and Ella Reid are about as different as night and day with their styles of music…..David is kinda Merle Haggard and Ella is kinda Brittany Spears. BUT, they were such a complement to each other and just had a blast on stage…..which you know translates in the best way to the audience. We’re looking forward to maybe a show…..or more…..together. 🙂