Dave Jorgenson @ Ross’ Old Austin Cafe (01/27/2018)

Dave & Friends!  Good food & service!  A perfect evening in Austin, TX.  So, Jan and I made the trip “up North”.  Believe us, driving from home up there….we’re pretty sure there was only another mile or two to the Dallas city limits!  😳  (Yes, we’re exaggerating….but you get the picture.  🙂)

Unfortunately, we got there late (hey….we said it was a long drive!) so we weren’t front row like we prefer.  But, that’s why they put zoom lenses in cameras!  The music was perfect and that’s what counts.  Thank you, Dave, for doing my favorites.

Asleep In The Hole @ Nephews (03/29/2005)

What do you get when Bucky Buchanan, Benny McArthur, Ronnie Huckaby, Chris Whitten, Mike Daly, Dan Dreeben, and Steve DeLeon are all on stage at the same time?  Great music including twin fiddles.  Have guests like Dave Jorgenson, Roy Stewart, and others drop in and you’ve created a ‘Tuesday Country Night’!

The last night of Dobie’s birthday celebration was special.  Besides great music, we took lots of pictures of the audience.

What’s better than the pictures?  Seeing it in person!  For a small cover charge and two hours of time, you’ll be treated to performances by the best Texan musicians.

Come join us some Tuesday!  You’ll love it!

John Bendele @ Stardust Club (08/20/2004)

John and the band were booked into the Stardust for the first time the night of our birthdays.  Of course that meant we were having the party there!   Dave Jorgenson came in and was really impressed with the guys.  Teree and Dobie took some great pictures of our friends and Albert’s “show” on the drums!

At the end of the evening, Kevin Fowler stopped by for the party.  The band always does a couple of Kevin Fowler songs for us.  John honored my request to repeat one of them.  Imagine his surprise when then he came off stage and I introduced him to Kevin (not sure he’s ever forgiven me for that!)!

What a special, special night!  Teree and I are honored to have so many sweet friends.