Sam Bentley @ The VFW (07/09/2011)

There are times we just mess up. 🙂  Okay…..not really, but there are times we aren’t as prepared as we wish and this was one of those nights.  Sam and the guys were playing close to home (3 miles?) at the VFW.  Figured it would be one of those really enjoyable relaxed nights visiting with all our friends.  Since we have lots of pictures of Sam and they guys, we left the camera at home.  Thankfully, we had the cell-phone camera when Cody Bentley got on stage and, then when Kevin Fowler did!!  Wish the pictures were better, but it sure was fun! 🙂  (Note to self:  Just pack the camera in the car!!)


Sam Bentley @ The Stardust (05/27/2011)

It’s always so much fun when Sam and the guys play and tonight was no exception.  So cool to see our friend Roy Glaze filling in for Alan on Steel.  Danny Gomez gave Wes a break on bass, and Ken Simpson joined in giving Sam a break.  You’re never sure who will show up when Sam and the guys take to the stage! 🙂

Lost John Casner @ Giddy Ups (12/12/2009)

(Yes….the pictures still say February….we worked on it….it will change!  lol)

Lost John was NOT lost this night. So much fun!! Love that country swing sound!! Danny sat in on bass and the night was very interesting for him since he hadn’t ever played most of these songs! But he did a great job and fit in well with John, Woz, and Mike!