Sunset Valley Boys @ Evangelines (07/02/2011)

The first Saturday of every month, Sunset Valley Boys takes up residence in the red corner of Evangeline’s.  The food is great, the music is even better, and the friends are awesome.  Now, since all of that is true, and there are so many friends, sometimes it gets just a little crowded.  If you’re kinda late… we were this time… might find yourself sitting to the side of the band.  Now, don’t get us wrong, that doesn’t take away from the experience…..just makes for limited, but interesting, photo angles…..especially when all you have for a camera is your cell phone! 🙂


Sunset Valley Boys @ Artz Ribhouse (04/16/2011)

What can be better than delicious food at Artz served with a big helping of county music?  Well, in our opinion, not much. 🙂  That’s why we made sure we were at Artz when the Sunset Valley Boys setup and started playing.  Of course, besides the food and the music, it’s always great to see all our friends!

Sunset Valley Boys @ The Broken Spoke (03/16/2011)

The first night of our SXSW Music Festival vacation starting with our friends, The Sunset Valley Boys, in the front room of The Broken Spoke.  Good crowd!  A lot of people visiting Austin for the festival were introduced to the band and that’s always a good thing.  🙂