Jim’s Country Jam @ Waterloo Icehouse (02/14/2010)

Twice a month we get to play “the ears” with a great selection of musicians at Jim Stringer’s Country Jam. It’s always a treat to see/hear them all!!! (besides…the food is pretty good, too!)


Glen Collins @ 1st Down & Stassney (01/15/2010)

It was Fay’s birthday, so we all helped her celebrate at a new venue, 1st Down & Stassney (yes, that is the full name of the club!), with Glen Collins on stage.  What a great fun evening with good friends.


Jim’s Country Jam @ Waterloo Icehouse (10/18/2009)

Twice a month Jim Stringer and the AM Band host a jam session at the Waterloo.  The food is good, but the music is even better!!  You never know who will show up but you always know it’s going to be a good time!!