Jim’s Country Jam @ Waterloo Ice House (07/17/2011)

What words can we use to describe the twice-a-month country jam at Waterloo Ice House?  Pretty sure we’ve already used wonderful, entertaining, astounding, talented, fun, excellent, surprising, and several others.  So, this time, all we’re gonna say is, “Ya shoulda been there!”.  If you weren’t there, then all we can say is, “Ya missed a heck of a show and need to be at the next one!”. 🙂


Sunset Valley Boys @ Evangelines (02/05/2011)

We’d been out sightseeing around our old home in Wimberley (lots of changes out there!) so we missed most of the show at Evangeline’s.  But, what we saw was pretty doggone good!  Of course, it always is with the Sunset Valley Boys!  Just wish we’d gotten there a little earlier and gotten more pictures.  🙂


Sam Bentley @ The Stumble Inn (08/07/2010)

We have great venues all over this state. Some are in the smallest of towns. That’s the case with The Stumble Inn. To tell the truth, We’ve never actually FOUND the town of Cedar Creek. But, we know it’s there! And, home to a lot of friendly people that love country music and dancing! (Be sure to watch Charlie’s video at the end, too.)

We always love the way Charlie does the Honky-Tonk instrumental and, tonight, we were treated to it again. We would have started the video with Charlie on screen, but there seemed to be a Ms Debbie between the camera and Charlie. 🙂 Oh….an apology to Al…we could hear him, but Sam’s beer bottle was covering his face…..ooops. 🙂

Sam wrote this song, “If It Does, It Does”, with the help of his band members. It’s cute….it’s catchy….and, if you recognize yourself in the lyrics, you might want to think about getting some help….or….not. 🙂