Rosie & The Ramblers @ Hill’s Cafe (07/16/2011)

Ralph and Charlie had been telling us about Selena “Rosie” Rosenbalm that they were backing.  Decided we needed to check her out. 🙂  They were right, she’s dern good!  And, for a July night, the outdoor garden was really comfortable…..especially when we could sit with friends and visit, too.  Unfortunately, we were so busy visiting we didn’t get the names of the two guitar players. 😦  Will get that next time…..because, there WILL be a next time!  🙂

Jimmy & The Lunar Rollers @ Giddy Ups (05/21/2011)

They say there is only one band in Austin and everyone plays in it…..just not all at the same time.  🙂 Tonight was a perfect example.  We’d seen Jim as a solo artist and with other bands, Gil with Bootstrap.  Kelly with Bootstrap also and with Second Hand Rose.  Lew with at least one other band.  And, our dear friend Charlie with more bands than we can list!!  Yep… band in town. 🙂

Sunset Valley Boys @ Evangeline’s (05/06/2011)

A day of music starts with the Sunset Valley Boys’ monthly Saturday afternoon get-together at Evangeline’s.  The crowd was slightly smaller than normal which means we actually got to sit down!!  Thanks to Paula Russell for letting us join her!!  Thanks to Ann Marie for showing me how to needle-felt.  Okay….don’t really understand it, but it was fun to watch her make me a little kitty.  I promised to photograph it and post…..and I will……honest, Ann Marie……HONEST!!  🙂