Sam Bentley @ The VFW (07/09/2011)

There are times we just mess up. 🙂  Okay…..not really, but there are times we aren’t as prepared as we wish and this was one of those nights.  Sam and the guys were playing close to home (3 miles?) at the VFW.  Figured it would be one of those really enjoyable relaxed nights visiting with all our friends.  Since we have lots of pictures of Sam and they guys, we left the camera at home.  Thankfully, we had the cell-phone camera when Cody Bentley got on stage and, then when Kevin Fowler did!!  Wish the pictures were better, but it sure was fun! 🙂  (Note to self:  Just pack the camera in the car!!)


Sam Bentley @ Painted Horse Pavilion (03/20/2011)

Sometimes the conditions aren’t right for perfect pictures, but then the fun factor kicks in and it just has to be captured.  Tonight was one of those nights!

Sam Bentley @ Painted Horse (01/29/2011)

It’s rodeo time in Texas with the San Antonio Stock Show starting in a few days.  Every year since 1983, GRA Trailriders have made the trek to the show the old-fashioned way…..on horses.  Well, okay, now they might have some campers and trucks to haul equipment, but the people arrive on horseback.  😉  The start is in Kyle and was kicked off at the Painted Horse Pavilion with a BBQ and dance.  Now, just to make sure there was a “party”, the dance was opened to the public, and the “public” took advantage of the opportunity.