Kevin Fowler @ Club 21 (02/28/2004)

Jamie Richards opened for Kevin at Club 21.  There isn’t any central heat at the club so we all wore our coats, sweaters, and anything else we could find to keep us warm til Kevin went on stage.  This was the night we met Jimbo and Tonna from Jimbo’s Last Resort.  We also ran into a lot of our other friends, including the ladies dancing on the chairs!  Even Don joined us.  As many people as there were doing as much stomping as they were, it’s a wonder the old wooden floor held up.

Dave Jorgenson @ Club 21 (01/31/2004)

A short distance from my house is Club 21. It’s an old school gym that many many years ago was converted into a dancehall. There isn’t anything like central heat or air. Our favorite table is an old dinette table. And, you always need to get there early so you can ‘swap out’ the chairs for better ones. It’s an ‘all ages’ club so there are always young folks and lots of Moms and Dads teaching the kids how to dance. And, of course, there are always kids teaching Mom and Dad!!

We had a lot of fun when Jackie brought out his ‘drum suit’ and had the ladies help him ‘play’ it. Then, at the end of the night a very young singer asked to do one song. Not sure, but we may have witnessed the beginnings of the next George Strait career!

Jason Allen @ Poodie’s Hilltop (01/25/2004)

These pictures of Jason and the guys were taken at Poodie’s Hilltop Bar and Grill. Doug Moreland came in and joined in with some fiddle playing and a few songs of his own. What a neat night!

This was also the night Dan threw a drumstick at me. Well, okay…..maybe he didn’t do it on purpose (that just makes it a better story). He was sweet enough to autograph the stick for me so I could add it to my collection of souvenirs.