Sam Bentley @ The VFW (07/09/2011)

There are times we just mess up. 🙂  Okay…..not really, but there are times we aren’t as prepared as we wish and this was one of those nights.  Sam and the guys were playing close to home (3 miles?) at the VFW.  Figured it would be one of those really enjoyable relaxed nights visiting with all our friends.  Since we have lots of pictures of Sam and they guys, we left the camera at home.  Thankfully, we had the cell-phone camera when Cody Bentley got on stage and, then when Kevin Fowler did!!  Wish the pictures were better, but it sure was fun! 🙂  (Note to self:  Just pack the camera in the car!!)


Ronnie Smith Memorial Buyers Club Benefit (07/25/2009)

The benefit was held to provide purchasing funds for the Bowie FFA….an organization very close to Ronnie’s heart.  When the family wanted to do something to honor Ronnie, there wasn’t any question what it would be.  There are some things everybody agrees on….Ronnie loved his family, loved South Austin, and loved helping the kids at the FFA farm.  He was even dubbed the farm’s “security guard”.  🙂  The benefit was a huge success with the silent auction, the live auction, the live music, and lots of people having fun and wanting to help! Then, we had a special treat!  “The Bentley Boys” took over the stage!  🙂

Sam Bentley @ VFW (06/06/2009)

Found a couple of pictures hiding in our archive.  🙂

Since it was D-Day, there was a moment of silence honoring all the military had given on the D-Day invasion. Sam did his original “Jack’s Favorite Song” that’s based on true events. Jack gave all in a more recent time. But the song is for all the “Jacks” and “Jills” that serve our country and protect our freedoms every day of every year. “Thanks” is never enough to repay them….but it’s a start.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Sam Bentley show without “Amarillo by Morning”