Dave Jorgenson @ Ross’ Old Austin Cafe (01/27/2018)

Dave & Friends!  Good food & service!  A perfect evening in Austin, TX.  So, Jan and I made the trip “up North”.  Believe us, driving from home up there….we’re pretty sure there was only another mile or two to the Dallas city limits!  😳  (Yes, we’re exaggerating….but you get the picture.  🙂)

Unfortunately, we got there late (hey….we said it was a long drive!) so we weren’t front row like we prefer.  But, that’s why they put zoom lenses in cameras!  The music was perfect and that’s what counts.  Thank you, Dave, for doing my favorites.

The Swingsters @ Ross’ Old Austin (10/05/2007)

Jim let us know The Swingsters were playing at Ross’ Old Austin. It was such a fun night sitting out under the old trees listening to the swing sounds we like so much. Jim always worries that we won’t have fun because we normally go for the “honky-tonk” bands.  Just never been able to convince him we like all kinds of music, especially easy listening swing. We sure weren’t disappointed tonight.  I don’t know how these guys make it look so easy! We’ll be back for more…just let us know when and where!!