Ricky Calmbach @ Hill’s Cafe (10/29/2004)

Ricky’s new CD, A Step In The Right Direction, was out and it was time to celebrate.  Oh, there were a few ‘bumps in the road’.  But, things like the CDs not arriving until the day before the party and Budweiser giving Ricky a brand new banner….with his name misspelled….didn’t slow down the show at Hill’s Cafe.  Paul Eason opened the show and did a great job, but, you could tell the audience were there for Ricky!

Friends Jason Roberts and John Michael Whitby joined Ricky and the band on stage.  This was also the first time Dale Burch appeared with the band playing lead guitar.

The stars of the night, though, were Ricky and the songs.  The night was a perfect example of ‘a class act’ all the way around.


Dale Watson @ Hill’s Cafe (09/01/2004)

Every summer, KVET radio sponsors a free Texas Music Series at Hill’s Cafe.  They broadcast the first hour commercial free, then, the bands take a break before playing another hour for the live audience.  This year Dale and the band were invited to play for the first time.  The crowd loved them!  Dobie had to work and couldn’t be there.  But, Dale not only did her song Tequila and Teardrops during the radio portion, he dedicated it to her.  She was happy!!!

Dale and the guys surprised Janice Williams of KVET Radio when they continued playing without a break after the end of the broadcast portion of the show.  They surprised the audience when they continued to play after the lights went off in the middle of the show!  Dale said the band ‘looks better in the dark, anyway’.

Rick Trevino @ Hill’s Cafe (04/14/2004)

The first stop on Linda’s birthday celebration was Hill’s Cafe for a Texas Music Series concert. The star was Ricky Trevino.

Linda and I arrived at Hill’s early (as in ‘right after we left the airport’) and were treated to a mini-concert while the band did a sound check. Afterwards, Ricky came over and talked to us for a minute.  Dobie and Teree joined us.

It was the first night of the music series, so Hill’s staff wasn’t quite as organized as usual. We had to ‘fight’ to keep our front row seats. Maybe ‘fight’ isn’t the right word….but we finished the show in the same seats we had in the beginning!!

Ricky did a great show with the highlight being when he brought his dad on stage to sing with him. The possible low light was Bob Cole’s singing. But, it was all in fun and everyone really did enjoy it.

What a great start to Linda’s vacation!!