Glen Collins @ Giddy Ups (04/04/2009)

Jerry Renshaw on lead, Al Kentfield on pedal steel, Jim Bowles on drums, and JC George on bass.  Oh, yeah, the guy on rhythm guitar is Glen Collins!!

Spring Fling @ Giddy Ups (03/18-22/2009)

Every year, Austin hosts ‘South by Southwest’ with thousands of film, interactive media, and musicians flocking into town hoping to be seen by “the right people” and be on the road to realizing their dream of fame and fortune.

This year, in addition to SXSW, Giddy Ups held their first ‘Spring Fling Festival’……a showcase of 65 bands in 5 days!  Some new (to us) from as far away as Norway and old friends as close as ‘next door’.  They had 10 minutes between bands to switch out equipment and people with each group getting to play 50 minutes.

They said it couldn’t be done!  But, Nancy, Michael, and Tom proved them wrong!!  🙂

Take a look at the schedule and you’ll realize what an undertaking this was!

I was there on Day 1 to see John Arthur Martinez and Mike Blakely but didn’t have my camera with me.  I didn’t make that mistake again when I went back for days 4 & 5!! SpringFlingforWeb

Clue & The Honky-tones @ Giddy Ups (02/29/2008)

Most of the musicians we go see are Texas musicians.  Clue is not……he’s from that far off land of Nashville.  🙂

We’d seen Clue booked into Giddy Ups in 2007, but didn’t make it down to see him.  When we saw he was there again in February of 2008, we made it a point to drive the whole 2 miles from the house to the club.  We didn’t have any doubts he was good.  All the acts that play the club are good, but, they don’t all play the music we enjoy.  We figured if that was the case, we were close enough we could just go home after listening for a while.  We didn’t go home early!

Clue is hard to describe, although we’ll warn all the ladies that he IS a flirt!  But, he’s nice looking, so we don’t think anyone will mind.  🙂  His music is hard-driving country……with a little bit of Elvis thrown in for good measure.  He’s all entertainment on stage and his CD is all originals….“Baby, I’m Sorry” and “90 Proof Mistake” are our favorites.

If you live around Nashville, make an effort to go see this guy.  If you live in Austin, watch the schedules because he’ll be back and you don’t want to miss him.  In the meantime, check out his website, his MySpace and Facebook pages, and collect some of his tunes.  You can also hear his music being played on Satellite Radio.