Sam Bentley @ Hills Cafe (10/02/2010)

Can you say Birthday Bash? That’s what tonight was all about!  A birthday bash for Sam, Al, and Olin! No better place to have it than Hills Cafe with the all the families and friends in the audience.


Glen Collins @ 1st Down & Stassney (01/15/2010)

It was Fay’s birthday, so we all helped her celebrate at a new venue, 1st Down & Stassney (yes, that is the full name of the club!), with Glen Collins on stage.  What a great fun evening with good friends.


Ricky Calmbach @ Winston’s Dance Hall (08/21/2004)

When it’s your birthday, where better to celebrate than at Winston’s Dancehall with Ricky Calmbach and Texas Standard Time band?

Everything Teree and I did for our birthdays had turned out perfect, but, this was the night I’d been waiting for!  Ricky had been a favorite of mine for over a year. When I heard he was going to be at Winston’s on my birthday, I knew I was going even if I had to go alone! I was NOT disappointed!!

I wish I’d taken more pictures! Thankfully, Teree and Dobie took some they’re allowing me to post.

Yep…..this was a perfect night!!