Update to TexasAndMusic Status

Well, it looks like the website is going remain on the big ol’ World-Wide-Web.  Based on your comments and questions, we decided that a lot of you liked the site despite its low visitor counts.  🙂  Besides, I remembered a friend had once said there was history in all the photos.  He was right.  Granted, there are some really bad pictures.  But there are also some very special pictures…..pictures we’re glad we captured.

So, we did some research and found some free hosting options.  With quite a bit of work, everything has been moved to those sites.  We kept the domain names (they’re cheap!) and have pointed them to the new sites.

  • Entering TexasAndMusic.com into your browser will bring you to this site (texasandmusic.wordpress.com).  That’s all the posts we made from the middle of 2009 to 2011….all 159 of them.  Works just like it worked on the old hosting company….just does it for free.   🙂
  • TheTexasAndMusic Archive link will take you toourFlikr albums.  There you’ll find all the pictures and videos from 2004 through the middle of 2009 in reverse date order.
    • At the bottom of the page there is navigation to more albums
    • Just as a warning, there are 343 albums….7,716 pictures and videos.  Ya might want to make a pot of coffee if you plan to look at them all.   😉

Some day….maybe when we retire….it would be nice to take one more step and have it all in one place.  Don’t count on that anytime soon.   🙂  For now, new posts/pictures/videos will be made to the TexasAndMusic Facebook page.  It’s just as public as this website and the Flikr account.

Thank you all for your love and support!   🙂

The Not-Surprising News

Well, we’ve hinted to a few people that there were changes in the wind for our little home here on the “interweb”…..guess it’s time to make it official.

By the end of October there won’t be a TexasAndMusic.com nor a CarolesCafe.com.  It’s been a hard decision to make but, obviously, not a surprising one.  Trying to just maintain the websites with changes in technology happening daily has made this “love of our life” more of a job than a joy.

So, what’s next?

Well, first, we have copies of all the stories and pictures so if there’s one you really really want, let us know.  Of course, that’s the way it’s always been.  We’ll even give you the full resolution, no copy write, version of the pictures.

We’ll keep the Facebook page alive (https://www.facebook.com/TexasAndMusic).  The page is public and everyone will be able view the page, posts, and pictures….even the people smart enough to not get started on Facebook!  Might even use some of the old website pictures for Throwback Thursday.  Just not sure yet how that will all shake out.

Who knows…..maybe we’ll write a book.  Of course, we’d have to wait ’til all the guilty parties are gone.  Don’t want anyone to get into trouble (or is that more trouble?). 🙂

Whatever we do….or don’t do….know that we appreciate all the love we’ve received over the past 10 years for the website.  Even more, we appreciate all the musicians that so graciously put up with us and all the friends we’ve made.  We love you all!

Happy Anniversary to TexasAndMusic.com

TexasAndMusic.com was started seven years ago this month at the urging of my friend, Dobie Hatley…..it’s even dedicated to her (read about that here).  Dobie was a lover of all things with a special place in her heart for musicians.  She thought it would be a great to put the pictures I’d been taking of our favorite bands on the big ol’ world wide web.  Ms Dobie thinking something was a good idea meant it was gonna be done…..and so it was! 🙂

For the past seven years, we’ve enjoyed great music, taken thousands of pictures, and met a lot of really great people…..on stage, in audiences, and even on the web….that we now call “friend”.  We’ve traveled all over the state of Texas, worn ourselves out, rested, and did it all again.  But, I’m thinking the website has survived these years better than I have. 🙂

If you’re a fan, I’m sure you’ve noticed fewer new posts and pictures. There are several reasons.  One, of course, is all the things that make life wonderful but reduce the amount of time I have available to work on the site.  Another is that going to new venues by myself isn’t that appealing any more so I tend to stay closer to home.

There have been times I’ve thought about letting the website just “go away”, but, have decided not to do that.  When I look back over some of the pictures, I realize how much “history” is here.  There are pictures of bands that are no longer active and, sadly, friends and musicians that are no longer with us.  On a much happier note, there are pictures of bands that were playing for tips at the time and have now made a big name for themselves!

So……the website will stay active.  I will occasionally post pictures (just can’t see to stop taking them!) and….as I have time…..bring the “archives” into the current format of the site.

For now, I’d like to send out a big “thank you” to all the musicians….and venues….that put up with me and my camera, and you, for continuing to visit this site.  All of you have made my life more than interesting! 🙂

God bless, hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!