The TexasAndMusic Story

Yep, That's me!
Yep! That’s me!

In 2004, was started as a place to share my ‘loves’ (family, Texas, and live music) through stories and pictures. It has taken on a life of its own…mostly about music.

It’s now 2018 and the site has gone through many re-incarnations as the technology changed and I tried to NOT change.

Several times, I gave up on the site…..letting it lie dormant while I tried other ways of sharing all the pictures, videos, and memories.  But, you know what, it seems there are friends out there that just won’t let it die.  I’m thankful for that….it made me get active again and quit being so lazy.

So…..welcome to the NEW….ummm, I mean TexasAndMusic.NET.  😊  I’ve included memories from the old site.  Fixed it so you can share your comments and memories and….hopefully….made it a place you want to visit often.


2 thoughts on “The TexasAndMusic Story”

  1. To whoever receives this email. I’ve been trying to find Jody Meredith. Seems like all the phone numbers that I find in Austin for him have been disconnected. In my younger days, I would set in with Jody and “Round Up Boys” at the Skyline Club under the name Duane Spain. Jody also played guitar for me in a local recording studio in Austin.
    I’ve been thinking about him lately and would like to contact him before one of us passes on. If you know how to contact him, please let me know.
    Dwight Spain


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