Giddy Ups Spring Fling (03/14-18/2018)

Since 2009, Giddy Ups has been hosting the Spring Fling…5 days featuring 55 musical artists.  Songwriters, singers, and full bands come to introduce us to their music.

Last year, we were excited because we’d be retired this year and would be able to see all the performers.  Unfortunately, we didn’t count on the allergies!  If you live in Texas, you know what we mean.  If you live elsewhere, just imagine the most horrible cold you’ve ever had that lasts for weeks instead of days.  So, we didn’t get to see them all but, the ones we did see were all super special.

Below is the full lineup.  Be sure to click on the pages numbers at the bottom to go through each day.  To get more information on the artists, see A. Michael Uhlmann’s blog post with information on each artist, links to their website and Facebook pages, and where to find their music.  It’s a great resource!  Also, on the Spring Fling Music Festival Facebook page, there is a picture of every artist and a short write-up about them that was done during the festival. 28576792_10155943767636708_1591310309504538901_n