W.C. Clark @ Giddy Ups (12/08/2017)

01-IMG_1499There are times when the music is means more to us than taking pictures.  That’s what happens every time we go see/hear W.C.  If you’re not familiar with W.C. (and that’s almost impossible if you live in Austin!), let’s take a look at his credentials.  (We’ll try very hard to not create plagiarism but, so much has been written about W.C., we’ll probably mess it up somewhere.  We won’t mean to and hope we’re forgiven if we do!

  • He is 78 years old….and still plays/sings the blues as though he’s 18
  • He’s been called “Godfather of Austin Blues” for his contributions to, influence on, and mentoring of others, in the Austin music scene
  • He’s won the award for Best Blues Song and Best Blues/Soul Record and been nominated for a lot more
  • Some of the things that’s been said about this gentleman:
    • Blues Revue — “Clark conjures the vocal power of Otis Redding & Wilson Pickett & the guitar of Steve Cropper & Albert King”
    • Living Blues — “a first-rate & funky, passionate & powerful performer..a singularly skilled leader among modern blues artist”
    • Guitar Player (our favorite quote) — “armed with a powerful, gospel-approved voice & delivers his songs with God-fearing intensity”
  • Last, but not least, he plays at Giddy Ups Friday evenings before going to his scheduled show because he “likes it there” and, it gives him “a chance to loosen up before the late show”

If you haven’t seen and heard this kind gentleman, be sure to watch his schedule and catch one of his shows.  Or, check in at Giddy Ups on Fridays and see if he’s playing and making happy hour, happy.  🙂