Shiva’s Headband Experience Anniversary Show @ Giddy Ups (12/03/2017)

I’d seen Shiva’s Headband do a set during Jubalfest but had never seen them before and, other than knowing they were part of “Old Austin”, knew nothing about them.  Thanks to the info on Giddy Ups event for the anniversary show, I learned quite a bit and was not going to miss this show.  I was NOT disappointed and, more than a couple of times during the afternoon, felt a little of what the 60’s & 70’s were probably like in Austin, Tx.  🙂

From Giddy Ups & A. Michael Uhlmann (Thanks Mike & Nancy!):

“About half a decade before Willie, Waylon, and Jerry Jeff started putting Austin on the musical cosmic cowboy map – there was already a genre-bending outfit, Shiva’s Headband. Originally formed by fiddler Spencer Perskin in 1967, they were the house band at the Vulcan Gas Company on Congress Avenue. 
When the Vulcan closed due to financial distress, Spencer and several friends, including Eddie Wilson who ran it, opened the Armadillo World Headquarter on Barton Springs Road.
By then Shiva’s Headband already had a major label (Capitol) release with “Take Me To The Mountains.” Several other albums followed, “Coming To A Head” (1971), Psychedelic Yesterday (1977) and “In the Primo of Life” a couple of years after the AWH had closed its doors as well.
And then somehow life happened and the band didn’t perform regularly anymore, so for me, it was a special deal to see them in 1994 during an Armadillo World Headquarter reunion at the Coliseum. That Eddie Wilson dropped his pants in front of then-governor Ann Richards is another story.
While Spencer was freelancing with other bands he started to resurrect Shiva’s Headband and put after all these years the extension Experience behind the band moniker to convey that Shiva has achieved another level of musical entertainment.”

And, before you ask…..yes, the painting was of a younger Spenser…..sans clothes.  (Had to do some editing on those pictures to keep this site “family friendly”. 🙂 )