The Pearl Snaps @ Giddy Ups (11/25/2017)

Once again, we tell it like it is… never know what to expect.  First, Lisa and the guys put on a heck of a show.  Then, who comes through the door?  None other than W.C. Clark!  Of course, they got him on stage and everyone that was there thinking they were seeing a great show, got an even bigger treat.

Love that the band is starting to highlight some of their originals along with all the covers they do so well.  Another thing we like so well about these folks is that they seem to always have fun which means the audience has a blast!  Kudos to Lisa, Bill, John, Kevin, Steve, and Steve!!

2 thoughts on “The Pearl Snaps @ Giddy Ups (11/25/2017)”

    1. Thank you, Gale! Hoping to do more in the future. Just have to see what happens next. 🙂 Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving!


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