The Durawa Show @ El Mercado (10/24/17)

What an evening of music!!  Ernie Durawa holds forth every Tuesday in El Mercado’s Backstage.  He always has awesome guests so that was no surprise tonight when he, Will Knaak, and Chris Alcaraz, welcomed our friends Lost John Casner and Howard Kalish to join them.  It was a Country & Western night complete with an open dance floor.  But, just how good was the music?  Well, when was the last time you heard Orange Blossom Special morph into Wipe Out then into another song we recognized but don’t know the name of, and then, back into Orange Blossom Special…..with out a single missed note or beat?  Yeah….that’s how good it was!  And, that was only ONE song!!!  🙂

Now, the lighting at The Backstage is a sight to see all by itself.  But, when you aren’t a professional photographer, it can lend some problems of it’s own.  So, out of 93 photos, we got 50 that are usable (notice we didn’t say “great”, or even “good”).  But, it was a fun experiment with the camera settings and some photo editing when we got home.  🙂