September 2017

Sometimes we don’t take a lot of pictures when we go see a band.  After all, we like to just listen, or visit, or dance, as much as anyone else!  So, this is a few of the shows we saw in September where we got only a picture….or two…or three.  🙂

Charlie Murphy @ Giddy Ups (09/08/17) — After listening to Libby Koch at Hill’s Cafe (Libby Koch @ Hill’s Cafe (09/08/17)), we headed down to Giddy Ups to see Charlie Murphy Band.  It was such a beautiful evening with all the doors open, we sat on the patio to listen….and visit with friends.  Not much chance to take pictures of the band except these two of Charlie scoping out the crowd while playing his guitar solo.  🙂

Sam Bentley Band @ GiddyUps (09/09/17) — One thing you can always count on when Sam and the guys are playing…..there will be lots of dancers and lots of friends to visit with when you’re not dancing.  🙂

Carl Hutchens & His Almost Large Band @ Giddy Ups (09/16/17) — Carl and his band play such a range of music…..and all of it dance-able.  And, the whole band is extremely talented…top notch players.  Carl plays at several venues around town so try to catch one of his shows.  Once you do, I’m sure you’ll make sure to catch more.  Of course, our favorite place to see him is Giddy Ups but, Little Longhorn and Poodies are always great places to see him…..or any other musician.  🙂

Kathy & The Kilowatts @ Giddy Ups (09/22/17) — We’d been to Scooter Pearce’s EP release party at Hill’s Cafe and then headed out to Giddy Ups to catch a little bit of Kathy’s show.  Always glad to see this lady and her excellent band.  Where does she find all that energy?  🙂

Sam Bentley & His Honky Tonk Band @ Moontower (09/23/17) — Sam was playing at Moontower and, since we don’t get to go there very often, we had to show up!!  🙂  Unfortunately, we were sitting a tad too far away for pictures.  But, that was okay because we were have fun just visiting!

The Pearl Snaps @ Giddy Ups (09/23/17) — We just love Lisa and the guys.  Always a fun show featuring great dance music and some cool originals.  Everytime we see The Pearl Snaps, every band member is smiling and looking like they’re having more fun than the audience.  Of course, that translates to a LOT of fun for the audience!!  🙂