Mark Allan Atwood & Brimstone @ Giddy Ups (07/02/2011)

Mark and the band are usually playing in “distant” venues.  Well, distant to us. 🙂  However, when it became known that a band had to cancel their gig at Giddy Ups, Mark got hold of Nancy and asked if they could play.  Giddy Ups is close to his home and all of them were looking forward maybe having a chance to sleep in their own bed for a change. 🙂  So happy it all worked out because we had a blast with these guys!!  If you see they’re scheduled for anyplace close to you, please go see them.  Introduce yourself….they’re really nice guys.  Most of all, enjoy their talent!  Oh, by the way, don’t expect to just sit and listen…..their energy is very infectious! 🙂