Movers Olympics @ Giddy Ups (06/26/2011)

Not all our fun comes from music, it comes from some of the “unique” events we find in Austin, too.  The latest was an “olympics” competition between moving companies in town.  We admire the guys and gals that earn a living doing all the packing and heavy lifting involved in moving a home from one location to another.  We admire them because, in all weather conditions, usually with a smile, they do what we don’t like to do…..lift heavy boxes and move furniture.  We’ve used movers ever since we decided we weren’t young pups anymore, neither were our friends, and we’d accumulated too much stuff to move on our own!  Yep, they are a special breed! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Movers Olympics @ Giddy Ups (06/26/2011)”

  1. This April Sunday 22nd we do it again… in style . 2012 Movers Olympic Games , Giddy Ups . Truck, moving van / big rig tours ,kiddoe stuff early , bbq & music all day , the games , concerts , jams , bonfire ,cam pout in the soccer fields Sunday night/monday ..laid back old style hospitality South Austin style …. Carol has done us a very good service for the people who move our lives . Thank you Nancy Morgan , Carol and all the folks at Giddy Ups . More info on the way ~ Craig C Budreau 512-282-6281


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