Work, Forgetfulness, Weather, & Music

What a week!! So much great music in town and no way to see it all. 🙂  Wednesday, The Sunset Valley Boys played The Broken Spoke which is always a fun time. Didn’t get any pictures because we didn’t have the camera with us.  Work lasted a little too late so went straight to venue instead of home first.  But, “da boys” were great and we even managed a few dances around the pool table!! 🙂

Thursday night, Jim Stringer and The AM Band were at Giddy Ups.  Getting ready to go, set the camera and phone on the counter next to each other.  Got to the club….had the phone… still on the counter.  Did manage to get a couple of pics with the phone…..not great quality, but they’re something.

Then, tonight!  Billy Garza has been in our want-to-see-soon list for a while now.  Tonight was our chance at Hills Cafe.  Arriving late, we found a table, placed our order, and grabbed the camera to get a picture of everyone on stage.  Dang it!! The camera’s storage card was still in the laptop at home!!  Couldn’t save even one picture.  So, sat back down to enjoy the music and the band went on break!  They deserved it….we were late….they’d been working! 🙂 Then the clouds started to roll, wind started to blow, and the temp noticeably dropped.  We were sure the rain would go around us….after all, it’s been doing just that all spring!  We were wrong!  As the band went back on stage, the skies opened, we grabbed our food and headed for cover.  All the tables under cover were full (some people are smarter than we are!) so we got a to-go box for the food, paid our bill, and headed home.

Tomorrow we’re going to Hills again to see Fond Kiser y Los Kickers.  Hopefully, there won’t be any rain and we’ll remember both the camera and the storage card.  At least we wont be late because of work!  After that, we’re going see Jimmy & the Lunar Rollers at Giddy Ups….inside and dry even if it rains!! 🙂