Jim Grabowske @ Artz Ribhouse (05/15/2011)

Usually, the third Sunday of the month, you’ll find Bert Rivera and friends holding forth on the pedal steel at Artz Ribhouse.  This Sunday, though, Bert had family obligations so he called on our friend Jim Grabowske to set in for him.  We love Bert, but sure were happy to see Jim on stage.

If you don’t know Jim, check out the article in the Austin Chronicle written by Margaret Moser (Hank, Harry, and Jesse James) or our little blurb and pictures in the archive (Texas and Music – Jim Grabowske).  Even better, if you don’t know him, make the effort to meet him.  He’s a true talent, a Southern gentleman and great friend.

Don’t mean to slight the others on stage with Jim.  Talk about talent!!  Ray Tesmer on lead guitar, Howard Kalish on fiddle, Dodd Meredith on drums, and Brent Wilson on stand up bass.  Besides great musicians, all of them are excellent vocalists.

Be sure to check out the video below of one of Jim’s favorites, “Rose Room”. (If it doesn’t appear below, just refresh the page.  Been a little slow loading tonight.)

2 thoughts on “Jim Grabowske @ Artz Ribhouse (05/15/2011)”

  1. We were at Artz when Mr. Grabowske filled in for Bert, what a treat. We really enjoyed the music and meeting Gentleman Jim;



  2. Carol and Jim: Thanks for being at Evangeline’s July 3rd. I am so glad I clicked on your music. What a great band. I will try to cop the guitar licks. Nobody said what the song was but I think the head is a lot like “Relaxin” by Hank Garland, Jazz Winds From a New Direction. I think his is in Eb but F is where I hear this. I have been listening to that album since Kemper Military School in Boonville, Missouri, 1960’s. Played rhythm with Jim Richards Trio in San Antonio 1965-70 on the tune. Been working on the lead in the last few years. Have some of it. Ray covers all the bases. I have heard so much about him but never had the privilege of listening. I was trying to get the SSVB to do it but had nothing but Hank to acquaint them with the song. Hank can sure be intimidating to a country player–though he was one of the best, not to mention his jazz. He’s probably my favorite. Now, I will keep working on the Relaxin chord sequence–just cycles around, and come to Artz when you play. Polk Shelton


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