People’s Choice @ Painted Horse Pavilion (05/06/2011)

A walk down memory lane.  🙂  We’d seen Bucky at Giddy Ups a couple of nights ago and he reminded us the band was playing this weekend…..we had to go.  Our dear friend, Dobie, had introduced us to People’s Choice.  When she owned Country Music Showplace (now known as Stardust Club), she regularly booked the band into the club.  That was “several” years ago, but….unlike some bands…..People’s Choice still pulls a crowd every time they play.  They play mostly covers, but have some great originals…..lots of talent…..lots of dance music for the dancers.  We only stayed through the first set and when we left, people were still arriving and making their way through the doors, paying the cover charge, and having a great time when they got inside.  Pretty good recommendation, huh?  🙂


Sorry we didn’t get a picture of one of the guys “behind the scene”, Vince Batla!  Maybe next time?

One thought on “People’s Choice @ Painted Horse Pavilion (05/06/2011)”

  1. Hey Fella,

    Dear James,

    Do you play in North Texas? Strange, I was in Austin all that time and never heard you.

    This evening, I saw a great special on SARG records (1950 – s) out of Luling. If you have not seen it – you would enjoy.

    With care,



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