Air Conditioning in Austin, TX (03/26/2011)

The air conditioning went out in our apartment on a Friday night.  No problem, it’s early spring!  Riiiight!!!!!!!!! On Saturday, the temps start climbing like it’s the middle of summer!  What to do?  Well, we did a quick search to find out who was playing where.  Found some of our favorites were scheduled at a bar, a grocery, and a coffee-house!   Ya just gotta love the Austin music scene.  Our first stop was The Continental Club for Redd Volkaert’s Saturday afternoon matinée.  Then, to Central Market’s café for George Ensle.  Finally ended at NeWorlDeli to hear Susan Maxey and Mark Viator.  We’d already planned to go see Susan and Mark, Redd and George were welcome detours.  🙂


One thought on “Air Conditioning in Austin, TX (03/26/2011)”

  1. Hey Carol, I just found this page with all your photos and comments: thanks so much! We always love seeing you out, and seeing your photos – especially with me and Susan in them – just tickles me. See you at Jim Stringer’s next jam!



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