Giddy Ups’ Spring Fling (03/16-20/2011)

Austin’s 2 week big festival in the spring is SXSW with “interactive”, “film”, and “music” divisions.  It’s wonderful!!  It’s downtown!!  People from all over the world attend!!  But, a side benefit is all the non-SXSW events that happen at the same time.  One of these is Giddy Ups Spring Fling Music Festival.  55 bands in 5 days…..some local…..some from other Texas towns…..some from other states……some even from other countries…..all of them great!  Nancy doesn’t restrict it to one genre either……country, rock, jazz, you can hear it all.   We didn’t have Nancy’s stamina to see every band, we saw a lot of them.   🙂 Schedule for the 2011 Giddy Ups Spring Fling

One thought on “Giddy Ups’ Spring Fling (03/16-20/2011)”

  1. Thank you so much Carole for your great photos and support of Giddy Ups Spring Fling Music Festival – it was alot of fun, alot of work and some fantastic musicians sharing their art with us – thanks to everyone that makes this happen.


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