Giddy Ups’ Spring Fling 2011 (03/17/2011)

Day 2 of the Spring Fling was honky-tonk all day long!  We love all music, but have to admit today’s program was our favorite…..well… of the favorites.  🙂  It was also a perfect example of “there’s only one band in Austin”.  There were players that would finish a set with one singer and get on stage with the next.  A couple of them played with 5 bands including fronting their own. It was fun, too, when some of our favorites got on stage to help out with harmony on a song.  All in all……a perfect evening for a music lover!

(The bands we saw were:  Jim Ray Wylie, Ted Roddy & The Hit Kickers, Jim Stringer & The AM Band, Li’l Mo & The Monicats, Arty Hill & The Pearl Dusters, Teri Joyce & The Tagalongs, Roger Wallace)