Carl Hutchens & Gene Kurtz @ Mesa Ranch (02/19/2011)

Have always enjoyed Mesa Ranch, but it’s close….really close… the office.  So, even though the music starts early, we usually miss it because we head straight home after work.  Nothing against Mesa Ranch!  You’ll not find better food, friendlier people, or nicer venue in all of Austin.  There’s just something about the call of a recliner after a long day of toiling over the keyboard!  🙂

We saw our friend, Gene Kurtz, was going to be playing at Mesa Ranch with Carl Hutchens……it was Saturday……and we’d had a chance to get pretty rested.  Seemed like a perfect time to visit!!  We’d never heard Carl, but Gene sitting in with him was recommendation enough for us.  Besides, we knew Mesa Ranch didn’t let just anybody with a guitar play there….they have to have talent!

The place was packed with the dinner crowd and the bar was full of people waiting to eat dinner (well some were…..the rest were there for the music).  The hostess let us sit at the “fence” around the bar right by where Carl and Gene were set up.  It was perfect!  We were even able to get a pretty decent video!  Then, when we found Ms Del-Rio, the party was on.  So much fun!  And you can bet we’ll be back.

Next time, we’ll sit just a little further back so we get more vocal and a little less guitar.  But, whatever!  Carl’s version of “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground” was beautiful.