Billy Eli @ Giddy Ups (02/19/2011)

We’d stayed at Mesa Ranch a little longer than we intended (that’s what happens when you’re having fun!), but it was still early so we headed down to Giddy Ups to see Billy Eli like we’d told him we would a couple of weeks ago.  By the time we got there, the party was in FULL swing!  Everyone seemed to be having fun (normal when Billy plays!).  There were a lot of people I knew and a lot I didn’t.  But, in true Giddy Ups fashion, that didn’t matter!  Just by being there, we were all friends!

Billy once told us he liked the pictures we took of him.  Well, guess what!  Getting a picture of Billy on stage is NO easy task…..and Nancy will agree!!  The man is a bundle of energy that just doesn’t stop!  Using every trick in the book, including some new ones a young man studying film gave us, we got a few usable shots out of over 100 we took…..and some of these are iffy.  🙂   But, we don’t care, Billy was on stage giving a heck of a show a lot of people enjoyed and will remember for a long time…that’s all that was important!  Thanks Billy!!  You did it again!!