Sunset Valley Boys @ Broken Spoke (01/19/2011)

Wow!!  Starting to think warm weather has deserted Texas.  But, even if it has, there are lots of warm places to meet up with friends and listen to some good music.  We might have been freezing most of the day, but warmed up when we met Sam and Yvonne at the Broken Spoke to listen to the Sunset Valley Boys.   Fun!!

2 thoughts on “Sunset Valley Boys @ Broken Spoke (01/19/2011)”

  1. Carole,
    Thank you sooo much for coming to the show, taking these nice pictures and then, posting them on your great site. It is only fun when there are people like you there to have a good time with. Just want you to know that you are truly appreciated!


    1. Thank you, Craig. You and the rest of the band always put on a great show. As a friend said, you’re having fun which makes it fun for us. That was evident by how full the room was…..we were tripping over each other just getting a drink!! Looking forward to seeing you next time!


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