Jason Arnold @ Giddy Ups (01/14/2011)

What to do on rainy Friday night after a long day at work?  Go find some good friends and listen to some good music in a warm honky-tonk!  So, that’s what we did.  Went down the road just a little ways to Giddy Ups to hear Jason Arnold and the Stepsiders playing that good ol’ honky-tonk music.  Love these guys!  Not only are they unbelievably talented, they’re really sweet as well.  The crowd loves them and showed it by filling the club with party-ers and dancers.  Not sure which we enjoy the most, though……the country standards they do so well, or their originals!  If you already know these guys, you understand what we mean.  If you haven’t heard them……catch their next show!  You won’t be disappointed!