TexasAndMusic Re-Design Unveiled (01/09/2011)

Well, folks, the re-design of TexasAndMusic.com is complete….for now.  🙂

All the old pictures, videos, and memories, are still here…..just click on the link over there on the right for “Texas & Music Archives”.  And, since this is so different from the old design, we’ve provided a few hints in “How to Enjoy the Website” page.

Our Facebook page will stay around.  We might even post a few pictures there just so we can tag them to appear on friends pages.  But, this is the main site.  This is where you’ll find all our new memories.

We hope you’ll like this new layout, will visit often, and will leave us your comments.  We love going to hear bands, meeting musicians, and taking pictures.  But, the real fun comes from sharing all that with you!

So……grab a cup of coffee, browse though the site, and enjoy!