Fond Kiser @ Giddy Ups (12/18/2010)

You all know we love to find out about new bands…..especially good new bands.  But, Austin is filled with so many talented musicians and unbelievable bands, we just can’t get out and hear them all.  After all, there is a day job we have to keep so we can afford to go out!!  Giddy Ups is becoming the place for us to hear new-to-us bands.  Nancy books a variety of genres and creates a fun venue for us.  That’s what happened tonight.  We’d seen Fond booked into the club before but had other plans that kept us from going down to hear him.  Tonight, though, the evening was open.  Besides, John Christian was playing fiddle and we knew he’d be pretty picky about what band he joined.  We were not disappointed!

Wish the vocals were a litle clearer, but……you get the idea.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Fond Kiser @ Giddy Ups (12/18/2010)”

  1. How cool Carole – video – I’m gonna’ learn how to do video also – practicing with new camera – love you and all that you do for musicians and your continued support of live music at Giddy Ups.


    1. How many pictures have you taken of the cat and the TV with that new camera? 🙂 Fun watching you get used to all the bells and whistles! Looking forward to your first video!! Love you and thank you for your dedication to good live music at Giddy Ups!


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